Schwartz is combining the launch of a new range of recipe mixes with an advertising campaign highlighting the antioxidant effects of herbs and spices.

The 14-strong Flavourfuls range, which includes Cajun chicken and moussaka variants, is being launched this week with an rsp of 89p.

Unlike Schwartz's powder-based recipe mixes, Flavourfuls include chopped herbs and roasted spices to create a fuller flavour in dishes.

Colour-coded packaging is being used to help shoppers select a mix, with yellow denoting the Americas, purple for Asia and orange for the Mediterranean.

Schwartz says the range is designed to tap into the growing number of consumers who have been prompted by the recession to cook at home more.

A £2.5m marketing package will support the launch, including TV and PR.

The activity is taking place at the same time as a £1.5m Secret of Spices marketing campaign, which aims to highlight the natural antioxidant properties of herbs and spices. It will break in print and online media later this month.

Consumers needed to know there was more to herbs and spices than flavour alone, said Schwartz general manager Anthony Palmer.

"Many herbs and spices naturally contain antioxidants, so this campaign is about education and inspiration, giving consumers a reason to use them in their daily diet," he added.

"We've seen sales rise over the past year, indicating consumers are turning to the spice rack and reclaiming their jars of herbs to make tasty meals cheaply in the home."