Wall's has unwrapped a summer marketing blitz behind its impulse ice creams.
New sensuality-themed' TV and press ads for megastar brand Magnum run through to August and include executions for new bitesize Magnum Moments. Magnum Yogurt Fresh joins fellow newcomer Solero Smoover on saucy posters using British seaside postcard humour.
Cornetto Whippy takes to cinema screens next month while new treat format Cornetto Miniatures feature in a press campaign and SM:TV presenter Brian Dowling stars on posters for Cornetto Soft.
Kids' products Chupster and Twister are backed by ads in children's titles and on Cartoon Network TV, with an interactive Chupster game on the channel's web site. Fruit Fives get a Nickelodeon TV ad and web site competition.
Carte d'Or's tongue-in-cheek sharing' ads are running now with a new execution next month. New Fragolata and Tiramisu flavours will get press ads.

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