Asda fish counter

Asda wins this week with its Pipps Hill, Basildon store scoring 80 points. The store was “nicely laid out” and “well stocked” even though it had three unavailable items. Our shopper liked the fact it had an aisle “full” of Halloween and Christmas products and gave the checkout experience full marks thanks to the “very friendly” employee on the till and the quick queuing time.

Sainsbury’s in Leven was described as “neat and spacious-looking” with “friendly and helpful” staff. However, it seemed there were “not many staff around” and our shopper had to go to the customer service desk to ask for help. When staff were found they were “very smiley and eager to help”.

Morrisons in Harrogate gave a “positive” first impression with its “large promo area” and “well presented and well stocked” flower section. Shop floor employees were “hard to find” but the “excellent” member of staff on checkout was “polite, chatty and well presented” and demonstrated “perfect service”.

Waitrose in Warminster was “clean and well presented with a good and interesting array of products”. Our shopper was disappointed with the shop floor service. Staff were “polite” but each of the six employees she asked for help “seemed to lack knowledge”, which left our shopper “frustrated and annoyed”.

Tesco in Durham was in “very good decorative order”. There was restocking taking place and staff filling online orders in “almost every aisle”. Our shopper found staff “cheerful” though none offered to check the stockroom for unavailable items.