Asda Grantham plastic veg

Asda in Crewe wins with 82 points this week, scoring full marks for shop floor service thanks to the “warm, friendly” staff who were “as helpful as they could be”. Our shopper “really liked the seasonal displays” and said the layout and signage helped her to “very quickly” find the items on her shopping list.

Waitrose in Stirling was praised for its “excellent” staff. The store gave a “positive” first impression and was “bright” and “well presented”. The checkout scored highly due to the “polite, chatty and efficient” employee there. The store was also “surprisingly well stocked” with full shelves.

Tesco in Havant was “really busy” and “looked untidy”. Our shopper also found there to be “no one to help on the shop floor” and heard customers complaining about the lack of staff at the counter services. However, when staff were found they were “happy to help” and the checkout assistant was “pleasant, attentive and polite”.

Sainsbury’s in Upton, in the Wirral, looked “clean and sparkling” with “really well thought-out merchandising”. All staff were “very willing to help and offer advice”, but some of the shelves were “fairly empty of stock”, especially in fresh produce, and the “very busy” car park did not have many free spaces.

Morrisons in Milton Keynes lost points for shop floor service as it was “hard most of the time to find staff”. When approached for assistance, staff “didn’t really help” and instead just pointed at aisles and shelves. There were “a lot” of boxes on the floor and a crate “obstructing the produce”.