Asda Dewsbury triumphed this week with a score of 83 - making Asda the overall leader this G33 year. The store was clean and ordered, and sampling was taking place of Spanish Persimons and Asda chicken tikka masala meals. The layout was “excellent” and the quality of the staff a “standout feature,” according to our shopper.

The car park took two minutes to get into at Tesco Prescot Extra, and exiting wasn’t much better. But the stock ranges were “impressive” and the store was well-staffed. Shop floor staff were efficient and helped to find products. There was a queue at the checkout, but help was offered with packing.

At Sainsbury’s Hanley, the foyer was cluttered with wheelchairs and leaflets, but inside it was tidy and spacious. Staff checked the stockroom for missing products and recommended alternatives. Tasting was offered of Sainsbury’s new Belgian chocolate ice cream. However, the checkout queue was long.

Windows were dirty at Waitrose Barry, and leaves and litter were spotted in the trollies in the car park. In-store staff were plentiful, friendly and very helpful, but at the checkout the queue time was more than four minutes, which “spoilt” the experience. It also scored the lowest for availability this week.

Even with the highest score for availability, Morrisons Ross-on-Wye was last. A confusing, unattended advertising display was at the entrance, creating congestion. In the chilled section, some items were in the wrong places, and a spillage was seen with a caution sign in the deli section. Staff weren’t particularly helpful.