waitrose altrincham

Source: Martin Hambleton Photography

On a busy Friday night the “relatively new” Altrincham Waitrose store won with just 72 points. It was “clean, tidy and fresh”. Our shopper thought the experience “great” apart from the signage on the road, which was not clear enough. Staff were “friendly and helpful” and the checkout operator was “smiley and welcoming”.

Tesco in Dover was “easy” to find” and “nice and bright”. The “lovely store” had “great facilities” but “looked a little ransacked”. There were empty displays and staff were “struggling to restock”. Our shopper felt the shop floor service was lacking but the staff member on checkout was “very friendly”.

Asda in Andover was an “easy” store to shop in thanks to “plenty of staff”. Aisles were “clearly labelled” but two trolleys were causing an obstruction. Our shopper liked the hot food counters, which were “tempting”.

Morrisons in Chester-le-Street was “very quiet” and staff numbers “seemed minimal”. Once located, employees were “enthusiastic and keen to help”. Three items were unavailable.

Aldi in East Kilbride was busy and “quite a few” restocking trolleys caused “a bit of an obstruction”. But our shopper “really enjoyed” the experience. Staff were easy to find, “extremely helpful” and “well presented”.

Sainsbury’s in Paignton was “clean but boring” and felt “dated and old-fashioned”. The entrance displays seemed “like an afterthought” and sported two wet floor signs. There were broken glass panels in the chilled section that were “held together with hazard tape”.