Sainsburys dairy

Sainsbury’s in Fulham Wharf wins this week with 70 points. Our shopper had a “pleasant shop”, finding the store “very clean”, “well signposted” and “organised”, though the end of aisle offers were “confusing”, with chocolate and laundry items grouped together. Staff were “happy to help” and our shopper liked that there were “no queues at any of the tills”.

Morrisons in Chester-le-Street featured an “immaculately clean and tidy” car park. Staff were busy restocking the “blitzed” fresh aisles, but were “unfailingly helpful” and “asked unprompted” if our shopper required assistance. The store was “extremely busy” but was a “remarkably quick and easy shop”.

Tesco in Prescot scored full marks on store standards and layout. Our shopper expected a lengthy shop due to the size of the store but found that the “helpful staff and good signage really made a difference” to the speed of her shop. But nine items were unavailable.

Waitrose in Sandhurst gave our shopper a “good first impression” with its “bright and clean” store. There was also an “appealing promotional display” at the entrance. It was, overall, “a good shopping experience” but six items were unavailable and not all staff fully checked for stock.

Asda in Gloucester was “seasonal and welcoming” upon entry but was “understocked” with “many shelves completely empty”. There were also “a lot of empty boxes littering the store”. Our shopper found her trip to be “disappointing” due to the “general state of the store and lack of stock”.