tesco fruit and veg aisle

This week’s Grocer 33 winner is Tesco Great Horton Road, Bradford. The store “was huge”. The “health and beauty section looked more glamorous with extra lighting” but oddly “had a garden display within it”. Staff “went the extra mile and were knowledgeable”. Availability was average though.

Morrisons in Sutton missed out on the top spot by one point. The “car park was poorly signposted” but the store was “clean and in good order”. The fruit & veg shelves were empty in places and “there were a few restocking trolleys reducing access to the bread aisle”. Most staff were helpful but one “was abrupt and didn’t smile at all”.

“The floors were really clean” at Sainsbury’s in Poole, but the “customer service area looked tatty”. Staff were helpful but “didn’t offer to go out the back and search for items”. Restocking was being done discreetly with trolleys placed so as not to get in the way.

Areas of the car park were being dug up at Asda Crawley, which looked messy. Displays at the entrance were uninspiring, with “bags of compost piled up”. Inside, “boxes had been abandoned on the floor after restocking”. Milk wasn’t easy to find “as it wasn’t in the dairy section, but on the back wall near the deli”. It felt dark and the checkout assistant “made packing feel rushed”.

Waitrose in Preston “had a leak at the fish counter” but this was marked with tape. There seemed to be “a lot of fruit & veg items out of stock” and staff members on the shop floor were few and far between. Only “four checkouts were open and ­availability was poor.