Iceland store

The AI highlighted doorstep customer service as a customer concern

Iceland has been using AI on thousands of customer reviews to improve services through “sentiment analysis”.

The reviews cover everything from product preferences to home delivery and have been analysed with AI to create targeted marketing as well as identify areas for improvement.

The AI, provided by tech firm Feefo, highlighted doorstep customer service as a concern, prompting the revision of training material for delivery drivers.

It also enabled Iceland to target promotion of the home delivery service at the 1% of customers found to be unaware of it.

The supermarket has used Feefo’s ‘Performance Profiling’ AI tool over 12 months to analyse more than 31,000 reviews.

“The feedback has been invaluable,” said Rachel Lewis, Iceland’s customer response co-ordinator. “Using Feefo’s latest AI capabilities we can continue to improve our customer service and delivery experience.”