asda supermarket

Asda wins this week with its Braunstone, Leicester store’s 78 points narrowly seeing off its nearest rival during an “enjoyable shop” in a “tidy and spacious” store. Staff were “lovely, helpful and very happy”. Customer service helped our shopper with queries and as two items were out of stock she was given two £1 vouchers to apologise.

Waitrose in Cirencester was one point behind with a “very clean” store. There was “an abundance of staff” and one employee told our shopper to continue shopping while they checked stock, later finding her to give her the item. Another member of staff, however, “pushed past” with two other managers. Outside, a traffic warden took note of her number plate and stared at her.

Sainsbury’s in Royal Tunbridge Wells was “moderately busy” with everything in store appearing “orderly and neat”. The store’s entrance was “light and spacious”. Staff were “polite, helpful and friendly” and “doing a good job”.

Morrisons in Reigate was “bright and welcoming”, though its aisle ends were “a bit messy”. A couple of employees failed to give “assured or extra information” when asked about stock but were “really polite and helpful other than that”. Our shopper felt it was a “pretty chilled out” shop.

Tesco in Crediton was “tidy and inviting” but had “disorganised” displays in the entrance foyer. The employee on checkout seemed “disinterested” and was talking to the next customer. Our shopper thought the range and variety of products was “rather limited”. Eight items were unavailable.