Morrisons in Dundee “looked new” and had “lots of displays but plenty of room”. The store offered a large range of services including the Nutmeg clothing range. All staff were “knowledgeable and helpful” and our shopper was offered help packing. Overall, a great experience.

Tesco Clevedon had “cigarette ends on the floor and some dreary promotions”. Generally, though, it was clean and well-kept and the “layout was good”. A couple of staff “lacked warmth” but the checkout experience was “good”. There was “no queue and a friendly, polite member of staff”.

Sainsbury’s Cardiff is “set back off a main road and isn’t well signposted”. The store “was a bit scruffy in places” but the overall feel was “homely”. There seemed to be a few gaps on shelves but restocking was discreet. Staff were “excellent” and on the whole “it was a pleasure to shop at this store”.

While “obviously clean”, Waitrose Mountsorrel felt “dishevelled”. Lots of restocking meant aisles were cluttered with trolleys and a “promotional sign had fallen and been left on the floor”. The store felt new though and had a “modern, clean look”. Most staff experiences were excellent, though one went off to look for an item and failed to return. Availability was poor.

The garden display outside Asda Burgh Heath wasn’t attractive, with “items stacked in a haphazard fashion”. Inside, there were a lot of “unmanned carts” in the aisles, which made it feel “cramped”. Lots of gaps on shelves meant our shopper spent much time searching for items and had a couple of “unhelpful” staff experiences.