martin cawdry sainsbury's east grinstead one use

Sunday lunchtime. By this stage in the weekend, availability is usually really starting to creak. Not at Sainsbury’s East Grinstead though. Stock levels were “impressive”, as were attractive new seasonal displays ­welcoming Halloween at the end of the month. And staff “really did their best” to assist shoppers in store. 

In second place, Morrisons Paignton was “a well-kept store”. And staff were “friendly and polite”. Unfortunately, no one checked for items in the warehouse and due to “lots of restocking trolleys”, manoeuvring around the store proved troublesome. 

Waitrose Edinburgh encouraged shoppers with a “superb choice” on its counter services, offering “high-quality and well-laid out” products. However the fruit and veg section appeared “untidy” and “stocking trolleys were not only an eyesore but a real nuisance to walk round”. Despite some staff ­lacking enthusiasm, all proved “efficient”.

Asda Burgh Heath offered shoppers a variety of peripheral services and checkout staff provided our shopper with a great experience at the till. But availability was disappointing, and unmanned stocking trolleys left many shoppers having to move them out of the way. 

Tesco Fareham came last, mainly due to poor availability. “Signs were on the wrong side” for two aisles (due to the reset?) and our shopper spent time searching for a staff member for help, despite many on the tills not having anyone to serve. However, staff “were polite and friendly” and the store was well maintained.