Keeping shoppers happy during a refurb isn’t easy - but Sainsbury’s Beaconsfield did it with aplomb.

Even though the work caused slight disruption - and it took our shopper two minutes to find a parking space - the store was clean and well-stocked. Staff gave excellent service and plenty of tills were open. There was no queue, and overall availability was strong.

There was a lovely flower ­display at Morrisons Bredbury and the range of products was “extensive.” Aisles were “nice and wide” and staff helped find items. However, there was a slight queue at the checkout and the assistant did not say hello, make eye contact or offer a bag for life. She seemed “bored.”

Asda and Tesco were joint third. The fruit and veg section of Asda Blackpool was “well-ordered” and there were some attractive Halloween displays. Staff took our shopper to the locations of products but failed to check the stockroom. At the checkout, the assistant was very careful with the fresh produce. Two items were not stocked.

Tesco Cheshunt was clean, tidy and bright, with a variety of offers available at the entrance. Staff kept on top of stock levels by ensuring products were pulled to the front of shelves. They seemed “under pressure” but were all helpful.

Waitrose Harborne was last, despite delivering a good score. A freezer appeared to be broken as all the products at the top had defrosted. Staff were helpful but did not always check the stockroom for items. Availability was the worst but still relatively good, with just one out-of-stock and two not-stocked products.