Sainsburys Store LED lighting

Sainsbury’s Dundee won this week. Because “so much of the store was immaculate it was obvious when some areas weren’t, like the pizza freezers”. Staff were “engaging” and Cameron on the checkout was “friendly and efficient”. Availability was 100%.

Tesco in Newport had “many services on-site, including Betfred, Subway and even a play area”. The store “was well presented but is quite old and in places the floor was worn”. Staff were “well dressed and working hard”. The checkout assistant “didn’t smile at all”. Another 100% availability score.

Iceland Lincoln looked “bright, clean and well stocked” though it had “a stack ’em high, sell ’em cheap feel” with its displays. “All staff were friendly, polite and helpful” and offered to look for items, but three on the list were not available.

The car park was “easy to miss” at Asda Basildon. Inside, the flower displays “were wilting”. The floor “appeared dirty with lots of scuff marks” and the walkway was “tired”. Staff encounters were mixed but our shopper was “impressed” with the checkout assistant.

There were “quite a lot of empty spaces in the fresh produce” section at Morrisons in Norwich. There was “a good range of services” including a “large café”. Staff were “friendly, polite and cheerful”, but six items were out of stock.

“Kerbs in the busy car park at Waitrose in Cirencester made exiting tight”. Inside, it was “generally clean and tidy” though there were a few fruit & veg bags on the floor. “Staff were lovely but a little clueless” when it came to the location of items. Availability was poor.

Iceland far cheaper than Grocer 33 pricing rivals