Sainsbury’s Thornhill in Cardiff won the G33 this week but with a moderate score of 63. “First impressions were of a tidy and spacious store.” Unfortunately fruit & veg, bread and hot food were seriously low on stock (but it was Friday night). Staff “took the trouble to check for items”.

Only one point behind was Tesco Cirencester. “A number of trollies had been abandoned in the car park, which looked untidy”. The store, however, was “clean, fresh and well cared for” and the shelves were “well merchandised” though fruit & veg had “gaps, squashed grapes and litter”. One staff member searched for an item but another said “I don’t know.”

Tied with 52 points apiece were Asda Glasgow and the Southend-on-Sea Morrisons.

Inside Asda “it was clean but there was a lot of stock missing and boxes were obstructing the shelves. The café was untidy with a lot of dirty tables.” Staff were pleasant, though they didn’t seem to have much knowledge of stock.

“Not many fresh flowers and sorry-looking pot plants” featured at the “closed in” entrance of Morrisons. Staff were “very helpful” in looking for items. However nine items were unavailable. “Not many tills were open” but the queue went down quickly and the operator was “helpful”.

In last place with 49 points was Waitrose in Newport. It gave a “good first impression with lots of lovely flowers and plants”, but the “quiet store made chatting staff so much more visible” and “shelves were low on stock”. Staff didn’t offer to help our shopper find items. Availability was poor.