Sainsbury’s in New Cross Gate won this week’s Grocer 33 with 75 points. Although there was a “fair amount of restocking” taking place in the aisles, the store scored well on shop floor service and checkout. There were “staff in almost every aisle” and the employee on checkout was “very pleasant and chatting”.

Sainsbury's shelf

Following closely behind with 72 points was Tesco in Bangor. Our shopper found its large foyer featuring promotional and seasonal items “busy and crammed”, but the store seemed “modern and new” with “very helpful” staff, including the young man on checkout who was “chatty, helpful and good at his job”.

The Washington branch of Asda scored well on checkout: “All tills were open and none had more than three customers waiting.” Our shopper was impressed with the number of staff, but found the layout confusing, noting that the signage was “not easily seen” and items were not where she expected them to be.

Waitrose in Norwich suffered from limited selection, with eight of nine ­unavailable items not stocked. The busy store also “looked like it could do with a refurb”. But customer ­service was “very good”, ­particularly the member of staff on the fish counter who “couldn’t do more to help” and was “a credit to the store”.

Morrisons in Stoke-on-Trent was “very busy”, with “lots of small displays just inside the door making it look cluttered”. Availability was poor, and our shopper struggled with the store layout, but found a few staff members who were helpful and informative.