Sainsbury’s is our G33 winner again this week with its “bright, very clean” Crystal Peaks store. There was a good range of services and the “toilet facilities looked recently refurbished”. Staff were “helpful, friendly and polite” when looking for items and only one on the list was out of stock. Sainsbury’s could have done even better had there not been “a long checkout queue”.

Tesco Broughton was a close second. It seemed to have “a new look and there was a meet and greet member of staff in its large open entrance”. Staff restocking shelves and fulfilling online orders didn’t clog up aisles and were on hand to help.

Asda Swanley’s porch area was “depressing”. However, inside it “felt like a lively and interesting space”. Staff were “courteous but busy” and not all offered to escort our shopper to items. Availability was good. The checkout experience was disappointing and the assistant didn’t offer to do anything about a leaking bag of flour.

Morrisons Warminster was “well presented” and had “several nice, well laid-out and professional displays”. There were lots of staff in aisles restocking shelves but they weren’t in the way. However, staff weren’t “personable” and made our shopper feel like she was “disturbing them”. The store scored no points for availability.

It was “difficult to get into Waitrose Birmingham due to congestion”. The store was “presentable” but “some areas looked a little understocked”. Signage was confusing when looking for vegetarian items. Our shopper was impressed with seasonal pancake displays but availability was poor.