Having recently undergone a renovation and extension, Sainsbury’s Scarborough looked fresh and airy, and was clean and tidy. In a low-scoring week all round, it was consistent and clinched victory by outperforming on shop floor service, though one assistant was “abrupt”.

Promotions were just “piled in boxes” at Morrisons Crewe, but despite the offers lacking appeal, products on shelves looked more tempting. The layout meant the shop took a long time as our shopper had to backtrack a number of times and signage wasn’t always clear. The shop floor lacked staff and at the checkout there was a queue. But Morrisons scored 13 for availability – the highest of all the supermarkets this week.

The car park of Asda Oldbury had a “confusing layout” and lanes were narrow. Once in store it was “spacious, bright and tidy.” Staff were “generally willing to help” but at the checkout the cashier was “rude and had a terrible attitude.”

Onion skins and rose petals were on the floor in the fruit & veg section at Waitrose Gillingham. An assistant was refilling shelves down nearly every aisle, which made it easy to find someone. The checkout assistant was “fast, friendly and efficient” but there was a small mistake on the receipt and availability was poor.

The shelves in the fruit, veg and chilled sections at Tesco Baguley looked as though it was “6pm on Christmas Eve.” There were few assistants on the shop floor but those approached gave good information. There was a slight queue and the assistant was “average” and didn’t greet our shopper or offer any help.