sainsbury's christmas

Sainsbury’s wins for the third week in a row, with its Longwater store near Norwich scoring 81 points. The store was “really busy” on this Saturday afternoon but was “clean” and had “a lot of staff filling shelves” without causing an obstruction. All staff members were “extremely helpful”. Our shopper was taken to items and offered further help every time she asked for assistance - which she did eight times in all!

Asda in Wrexham was “quiet because it was a lovely sunny day”. The layout of the store was thought to be “mostly logical” apart from the organic bananas being in their own section rather than with the rest of the bananas. It appeared to be a “friendly and clean store with a good selection of products” but availability disappointed.

As it did at the Basingstoke branch of Morrisons, though the store scored well on shop floor service thanks to “really helpful and attentive staff” who were “easy to spot”. Store standards won top marks, with our shopper “impressed with the neatness of the shelves”. The entire store looked “plentiful and inviting”.

Tesco in Huddersfield was “fairly busy” but would have benefited from more “staff that were easier to find”. Our shopper was impressed with the variety of products on offer but thought there was “room for improvement” in store standards and service.

Our shopper at Waitrose in Cheltenham felt a member of staff was “slightly rude” when she asked for help with an item, with the employee stating “sorry I am on replenishment, you’ll have to ask her”, and pointing to a colleague.