Sainsbury’s in Ramsgate comes top this week. For this Friday evening shop, its availability was better than any rival (three scored zero!) and was being discreetly restocked. Items were easy to find with the help of “keen” and “smiley faced” staff. “A lovely store” that “seemed new”.

There was lots of restocking at Tesco Aldershot “but they didn’t get in the way” of shoppers. The layout “was fairly logical” but our shopper “struggled to find the toiletries section”. “Kyle was particularly helpful” on the shop floor but three items were unavailable. “Overall the store seemed a little old.”

“The area outside Asda Altrincham is attractively planted” though “three bins were overflowing and rubbish was blowing around near the entrance”. Inside “it was clean and tidy” and “shelves were well stocked”, though it scored zero for availability. “Ghulaim on checkout was pleasant and chatty” but scanned items a little too quickly.

The car park was being swept at Morrisons in Harrogate, “but there was still litter” where our shopper parked. The “entrance was a little gloomy and it seemed crowded with people queuing for lottery tickets”. When they could be found staff were helpful “but not overly smiley or enthusiastic”. Availability was poor.

The sign for Waitrose in Poynton “is obscured by a large tree on the pavement”. Inside there “was a display of pasta sauces but it was very depleted”. Full marks for shop floor service - staff were “consistently polite”. Some aisles “were a little narrow and felt congested”. No points for availability.