Waitrose Leatherhead store

Waitrose wins this week, breaking Sainsbury’s winning streak with 85 points. Its Walton-le-Dale, Preston store made for a “smooth and stress-free” shop. It scored top marks on shop floor service as there were “lots of staff around” and those who helped the shopper took her to find items. Meanwhile, the store was “well laid-out” with “well-stocked” displays.

Sainsbury’s in Andover also scored full marks on shop floor service thanks to “very helpful, friendly and approachable” employees. However, there was “considerable” restocking taking place and the store “felt a little tired”, with the entrance area looking “underwhelming”.

Morrisons in Doxford gave a “clean and tidy first impression” with “good stock levels” and a “particularly attractive” fresh food area. It lost points on shop floor service as “staff were thin on the ground” though once hunted down they were “very helpful”.

Tesco in Shettleston was found to be “very chaotic” as restocking was taking place “everywhere”. It had six unavailable items and staff members were not all “particularly helpful”. The store layout also came in for some criticism as it was “confusing”.

Asda in Rugby was “busy and crowded” and “felt clean but cluttered” with “numerous restocking trolleys in the aisles”. Despite the restocking, the store had four unavailable items. Our shopper felt she’d had a “pleasant” shop but described the shop floor service as a “mixed” experience, with staff members varying from “amazing” to “couldn’t be bothered”.