tesco milk aisle

In a high-scoring week, Tesco takes the win, with its Dundee Riverside store scoring top marks for availability, thanks to its well-stocked fresh and chilled sections. The shop was “stress-free”, and the store both “easy to navigate” and “clean and tidy”. Our shopper also liked the healthy choice ‘swaps’ ­dotted throughout.

Close behind was Asda in Chorley, with a great score on shop floor service. Staff were “pleasant and friendly” and the shopper vowed to return to do her weekly shop there.

Sainsbury’s in Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield, scored top marks on shop floor service with “plenty of staff available to provide assistance” and employees who stopped to help and check stock. The store was thought to be “fairly new” and was “well organised” with “extremely pleasant staff”.

Morrisons in Dereham was described as a “nice and pleasant” shopping experience but was let down by “unprofessional behaviour” with checkout staff seen to be gossiping about a colleague and a supervisor reprimanding an employee about holiday requests.

Waitrose in Brighton had “poor layout and signage” and it took our shopper 54 minutes to complete the shop, due to “too much time spent going up and down aisles to find items I needed”.

Aldi in Jericho, Oxford, was, according to our shopper, “the most bizarrely laid out store I’ve ever been in”. At the checkout, she was asked to load scanned goods back into her trolley and only load them into her bags away from the till point.