Tesco got its service spot on in this “vast, clean and impressive” Extra in Slough, helping it come out on top despite not picking up any points on availability.

Aisles were free of clutter, and there were plenty of staff around who answered all queries attentively. Samples of sun-dried tomato bread on offer in bakery also went down a treat.

Waitrose and Asda came joint second. Following a refurb, the layout at Waitrose Waterlooville stood out as “organised and logical.” Some promotional displays looked “empty,” but staff were knowledgeable and keen to help. However, at the checkout no attempt was made at conversation and handling was a little careless.

At Asda Bridge of Dee, meanwhile, the entrance was “welcoming” and all assistants were “extremely helpful” in locating items. Store signage, on the other hand, wasn’t very helpful and a spillage was spotted, but at the tills there were no delays.

Morrisons Gloucester looked “brand new” and was “immaculately clean.” Shelves were well stocked and when assistance was required a member of staff tidied the shelves as he took our shopper to items - and didn’t even break his stride. Sadly, there was a seven-minute queue at the checkout and the assistant got confused and didn’t scan half the shopping, so it had to be paid for in two separate transactions.

At Sainsbury’s Street, the beer aisle was narrow compared with others and packed with boxes. Jerome went out of his way to find the Nando’s peri peri sauce but at the checkout the cashier didn’t impress and there was a slight queue.