Tesco staff worker employee

Tesco in Perth wins this week with 75 points. Our shopper enjoyed visiting this “bright” store and found she could find items “quite quickly”. The shop floor service score was 18 out of 20 as the “polite and friendly” staff were “all very helpful”.

Sainsbury’s in Benfleet was “bright and airy” but our shopper saw several “abandoned trolleys”. Shop floor service was varied, with one member of staff “very helpful and friendly, interacting with other customers too”. Our shopper found the checkout assistant “friendly” but was surprised at the lack of information on promotions.

The Newport branch of Waitrose was “well lit and very attractive on entry”. Our shopper thought it was “an exceptional one-stop shop” despite a spillage in the chilled aisle that left “unsightly” clean-up debris. There was a short wait at checkout due to the staff member having to add change to her till.

Asda in Killingbeck, Leeds had a “chilled, relaxed atmosphere upon entry” and an “excellent range of services”. Interactions with employees were “largely positive” with most being “friendly and courteous”. Our shopper was disappointed with the frozen section in which the ice cream was “covered in thick frost”.

Our shopper for Morrisons in Totnes was “very frustrated” due to the amount of “empty or nearly empty shelves” leading to an extremely lengthy 90-­minute shop. The shopper also noted an eight-minute wait for a cleaner to deal with a spillage at checkout and was unimpressed by the casual and “ambivalent” attitude of the employee serving her there.