tesco fruit and veg aisle

Tesco takes the last win of the year, with its store at the Copdock Interchange in Ipswich scoring 83 points. The store was “very busy” but our shopper found staff “helpful and friendly” and liked its “appealing” Christmas offers. The layout of the store was “intuitive” and our shopper could “navigate easily”.

Sainsbury’s in Worle was “light and airy”, with only one unavailable item. Our shopper found “mixed results” in his interactions with staff. He found it “very difficult” to find them, but when located one was “friendly” and helped find an item, while others were unable to find items or didn’t take our shopper to the correct aisle.

Morrisons in Dundee was a “pleasant and stress-free” shopping trip but our shopper was frustrated by not being able to find help when it was needed. Her experience with staff was “the main disappointment” of her shop and it seemed there was a “shortage” of knowledgeable staff. Three items were unavailable.

Asda in Darlington scored full marks on shop floor service, and was described as “friendly” and “professional” but suffered from poor availability, with 10 items either out of stock or not stocked at all. Our shopper felt that the frozen aisles were “a mess” and that she would prefer to shop elsewhere given that a third of the items on our list were unavailable.

Waitrose in Sandbach was “clean, reasonably stocked and generally tidy”. Our shopper felt there needed to be more staff on the shop floor and noted that it would be helpful to give staff name badges. The store had four unavailable items.