This week’s G33 winner is Tesco Warrington. The store was “big and airy” with “good seasonal displays for Father’s Day and of BBQ and wine”. The “fruit & veg seemed sparse but staff were on task and focused on keeping things tidy”. Staff “knew their stock and didn’t mind being interrupted”. A lot of items “seemed to be very close to a use-by date” but our shopper managed to get all but one item on the list.

Sainsbury’s in Crayford was a close second. “A particularly fresh-looking, lovely selection of flowers” greeted at the entrance. Inside “there was a promotion of Mout cider and all those who took a bottle got free sunglasses”. Staff stock knowledge was “impressive”. There weren’t enough checkouts open for the volume of customers, though our shopper didn’t wait too long. Availability was 100%.

Waitrose in Exeter is a “smallish store but has a wide range of brands and goods”. The “fish counter was particularly attractive”. Staff took our shopper to find items or “checked their handheld pads for stock”.

“Trolleys had been left in random places in the car park” at Asda Bromborough. Staff were busy restocking in the fruit & veg area but “produce was thrown on rather than nicely arranged”. The “layout meant shoppers were going in all directions”. There was no eye contact or conversation at the till but availability was 100%.

At Morrisons in Maidstone, “the store was busy and the entrance seemed small and too cluttered”. No one was in attendance at a freezer leakage but there were signs. Morrisons had the worst score for availability this week.

Tesco Warrington wins with 'big and airy' store