sainsbury's large store

Sainsbury’s East Kilbride wins. The queue to get into the retail park in which it is situated was long, but inside “it was very tidy and well merchandised”. There were several cages for restocking in aisles but they all were manned and “staff were clearing empty boxes”. All staff were “very helpful and easy to find”. Availability was excellent.

A “really busy” Tesco Belfast was second. Shelves were well-stocked and the “fresh fruit and veg part had been refurbished”. Most staff were “excellent” but one “looked in shock when asked about crumpets despite working on the bread section. He had a look but didn’t seem to know how to check stock.” A local charity worker helped our shopper pack at the checkout.

Having to find a pound coin to get a trolley at Morrisons in Chorley was an “irritation”. The store was “light and airy” but some “merchandising seemed a bit random, with Creme Eggs at the end of the battery aisle”. “There seemed to be a shortage of shop floor staff but when found they were helpful”. “More tills open would have helped” alleviate long checkout queues.

“There was lots of litter in the trolleys” at Asda Hounslow. The “fruit & veg section seemed small for such a large store” but there was a large clothing/home section. All staff were friendly and helpful and checkout was quick. Availability was poor.

Waitrose St Neots “is very poorly signposted”. The entrance was crowded with “people getting coffees or collecting parcels at customer services”. Aisles felt narrow and navigating with a large trolley was difficult. The store scored no points for availability.