Waitrose won this week with its Swaffham store. There were some “lovely flower arrangements” in the entrance but also “some unsightly mats”, which were a tripping hazard. Lots of unobtrusive shelf stacking meant 100% availability. Staff were “quick to respond” and “so ­willing and helpful”.

The approach road to Tesco Westhill is a “bit messy” and can be “congested”, with a recycling area by a lay-by. The store is in “good shape” but it “didn’t seem particularly busy” for a Saturday afternoon. Staff were “very helpful” and the checkout assistant “friendly and efficient”. Availability was poor.

“A Big Issue seller greeted customers” on the way into Sainsbury’s Darwen. Inside “five freezers were out of action” and one of the fruit sections “had ‘do not use’ tape around it”. Staff were helpful but some “were gathered for a chat at the self-scan checkout”. The checkout was very efficient, but availability was poor.

The car park at Asda Brighton was “huge” but our shopper was “disappointed to find only 12 parent and child spaces”. No double-seated trolleys were stacked out the front and our shopper had to search the car park for one. Staff were “impressive” and went the extra mile but the checkout assistant didn’t speak at all.

Morrisons in Sidcup was “attractive” and “appeared well stocked”. In some areas though, there was “litter on the floor” and “some tins on the shelves were dented”. Staff were “busy restocking” but happy to help find items. With nine items either OOS or not stocked its score for availability was zero.