Waitrose Peterborough

In the car park at this week’s winner, Waitrose Wells, there was “an eye-catching display of art by children of a local school”, while inside the store boasted displays for Valentine’s Day and a wildlife trust. Staff were “generally good”, and while some were busy restocking they were mostly “unobtrusive” as “the aisles were quite wide”.

Only one point behind was Tesco in Barton upon Humber. The store is “quite small but it didn’t feel cramped” and there were “appealing displays for Valentine’s Day”. All the staff were “friendly and polite when approached” and “very apologetic when items couldn’t be found” - which was quite often.

Asda in Bishop Auckland was “incredibly clean and tidy considering how much restocking was happening”. The “aisles were narrow and this gave a cramped feeling”. Some items were difficult to find despite the signage but apart from “the lady at checkout” who “didn’t make any conversation”, “all staff encounters were excellent”.

Morrisons in Cheltenham had “an attractive bakery display as you entered the store”. The “fruit and veg section appeared almost empty” but shelves were being restocked. One staff member pointed our shopper to an empty box when he was looking for chives. Overall, it felt “a bit shabby around the edges”.

The car park for Sainsbury’s in Newcastle-under-Lyme is off a main road “so if you’re unlucky with the lights, it can take five to six minutes to get out”. It is quite new but felt “a little clinical and cold” and “not very welcoming”. Not all staff checked for stock and one “was a little brusque”.