Waitrose range review

Waitrose wins for the third consecutive week with a high score of 94 points. Its Comely Bank branch in Edinburgh was described as “a very pleasant shop”, with “easy to find items and very helpful staff”. The store was “very well stocked” and had full availability.

Tesco in Warrington impressed our shopper with a “remarkably pleasant shop for a Friday evening”. It had full availability and even though restocking was taking place the “wide and uncluttered” aisles remained clear.

The Morrisons store in Buxton was “showing its age” but was “spotlessly clean”. Staff were “busy restocking” but were not “impeding others”. On top on that, they were “without exception warm, friendly and seemed genuinely happy to help”.

Restocking was also taking place at Sainsbury’s in Bridgwater. The promotional aisle-end displays were “quite depleted” and there were two unavailable items. Shop floor service was praised as staff were “friendly” and “helpful”.

Asda in Ipswich appeared “low in stock”, with shelves untidy in “many sections”. It was “hard to find anyone to help” and staff did not offer to look further for the one item that was not on shelf.

Lidl in Telford was “clean enough, but quite messy with boxes everywhere”. Shop floor service scored well thanks to a “polite” member of staff who found items “instantly”. There were three unavailable items and there was a long wait at the till point but staff dealt with the problem in a “calm, professional manner” and apologised to all waiting customers.