Leading South African operator Stellenbosch Farmers' Winery is severing its links with Caxton Wines. SFW's portfolio includes Nederburg, the top selling wine in South Africa, Libertas, Sable View and Plaisir de Merle which have been distributed in the UK for the past eight years by the Pernod Ricard subsidiary. Caxton has developed its own SA wine range. Its flying winemaker Robin Day worked with Cape winemaker Jacques Kruger to source and develop wines for the Long Mountain collection introduced in 1995 and which now features seven styles. From October 2, SFW's UK distribution will switch to Heyman, Barwell and Jones. SFW International's managing director Richard Coleshaw said: "Our partnership has been a long and constructive one. Caxton is placing a strategic emphasis on multiple grocers while our brands are particularly strong in independents and wholesalers. "We believe HBJ will be better placed to give our portfolio the level of independent sector focus we require." Caxton's general manager Noel Reidy says: "This is an entirely amicable decision. "Long Mountain is a fast growing consumer brand which competes with the SFW range, therefore we are happy for HB&J to take over SFW's distribution and marketing." {{DRINKS }}