The health, beauty and baby category has started to increase activity in featured space promotions in the run-up to Christmas.

This category has been consistently in the top 10 branded activity chart and in the top five for three of the past four weeks.

Looking at the results over the past four weeks, Dove is the only brand to have been in the top five each time. Offers include Dove Deodorant, Liquid Soap and Shampoo/Conditioner in Asda, Sainsbury and Tesco stores. The favoured mechanics have been x-for-y and save.

Radox has been in the top five for three out of four weeks. This week Radox Shower Gel and Handwash are available in Asda and Morrisons.

Offers in Asda used the 'save' mechanic while Morrisons had buy-one-get-one-free.

Colgate has shown consistent activity in this category throughout 2006, being in the top 10 for health, beauty and baby almost every week.

The past four weeks have seen it in the top five in its category three times.

Activity this week has been recorded in Tesco and Morrisons with the Colgate Toothpaste, Plax and Micropower Toothbrush ranges.

The primary mechanic was bogof, with Morrisons using the save mechanism.

Lynx has again appeared in the top five, three times in the past four weeks. Lynx Body Spray and Shower Gel are available in Sainsbury's ­using 'x-for-y', and Asda, using 'save'.

The last brand featured this week is Palmolive which has been in the top five for this category for the last two issues.

The range, available in Morrisons, includes shower gel, soap and deodorant. The preferred mechanic again is bogof, with x-for-y used for the deodorant. Asda has Palmolive Shower Gel on featured space promotion using 'save'.

Tesco was the only retailer to record own label activity in this category on its range of Tesco Skin

Wisdom, all at bogof.