Over 40% of shoppers interviewed for this week’s Shoppers’ Eye category research recalled the price of the bread they had picked up and a quarter were aware the price had changed.

Eight out of 10 of these said the price had increased.

Visuality’s research for The Grocer into the bread fixture coincides with a rise in the price of bread following the hot summer and a worldwide grain shortage. But when asked whether they had seen or read any media stories in connection with bread or grain only four shoppers said yes.

When told of the reasons for a rise in prices, the vast majority of shoppers were resigned to the increase being passed to them. “You have to pay or go without. I’ll buy it regardless,” said one shopper while another said: “I will look around for better value bread than I currently buy.”

However, a few shoppers felt
it was just an excuse to put prices up. “There is always some reason for an increase,” said one. Another added: “It is lies. There is a mountain of grain.”

According to Visuality MD Nicola Scrafton, the price recall figure was higher than expected. “We believe this is partly because special offers will always make shoppers more price aware and they use the offer price as a reference point, even if they do not buy the product,” she said.

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