Forth Wines has been appointed sole UK agent for the Uruguayan Catamayor range of wines. It is produced by the family owned Bodegas Castillo Viejo close to the River Plata in the south of the country. The Swedish vodka Svensk has signed a national distribution deal with Waverley Vintners. The support package for the brand includes trade advertising and PR. Guinness is putting above the line support behind alcohol free lager Kaliber for the first time in four years with a radio ad campaign running this month at the same time as the Department of Transport's anti drink drive ads. A promotional four bottle pack of the leading white beer Hoegaarden has been introduced to Safeway and Booths. It retails at £4.89 and will be made available to other multiples in the autumn. A range of non alcoholic cocktail mixes called Finest Call is being introduced to the UK by Atlantic Foods. The collection has 13 different flavours which have gone down well in the US. It is targeted at the on-trade but has won some off-trade listings. The packaging of Scottish Courage's wine cooler Castaway has been revised so it can compete more effectively in the alcopop market. Bass is backing Worthington with an extension of its TV campaign carrying the strapline It's a Man Thing'. The first version features a football fan who takes his girlfriend to Venice on the same weekend as a European cup match. The ads will run nationally until the end of September and further versions will be on air next year. The red and white Mouton Cadet wines and the Baron Philippe de Rothschild Pays d'Oc varietals are being supported for the rest of the year with a neck collar promotion which offers prizes linked with the Pru Leith School of Food and Wine. Churchill's Port has bought its first vineyard, the Quinta da Gricha in the upper Douro Valley. The lagares at the quinta will be used to make the 1999 vintage. Londis has launched two own label French table wines. The red and white styles will be sold on promotion at two for £5. Also being added to the wine range are a Fitou (£3.79), a Corbières (£3.39), a Côtes du Roussillon (£3.29) and a Minervois (£3.39). {{DRINKS }}