The fantasy world of drinks advertising has taken another step further with the latest £7m campaign for Smirnoff vodka. This features the new tag line for the brand If Smirnoff made­' and the first TV ad suggests what could happen if the brand was responsible for petfood. It features a piano playing, crooning dog. The concept bears a passing resemblance to the latest Carlsberg ads which feature lines such as Carlsberg don't run a bank. If we did it would probably be the best bank'. But Guinness UDV brand director Pam Bower Nye said: "Carlsberg is about people in an extraordinary world. Our campaign is about the world everyone knows. It puts the brand in an unexpected context and involves the consumers. The ads did extremely well in prelaunch tests." The first ad goes on national TV from next Friday and it will be in cinemas from August 6. A poster campaign will be launched from the beginning of August and the ad will also be seen on satellite. A second version of the ad will be shown later in the year. The campaign will have to live up to some memorable treatments for the brand including Through the Bottle, No Imperfections and Pure Thrill. The latest ads are targeted at socially active 21 to 30 year olds. {{DRINKS }}