Smithfield Foods has revealed advertising plans to support the relaunch of its PEK chopped pork brand.

The £250,000 campaign, which starts this summer and runs until February, focuses on women's interest and retailer magazines to target its key female consumer. Adverts use a play on the brand's name, with headlines such as 'Feeling PEKish?' and 'PEK Up a Pizza'.

"They're designed to get the message across simply, quickly and wittily," according to sales and marketing director Ian Lindsey. "Combined with the additional promotional activities we're planning, we expect to make a significant impact, not only in terms of increasing our market share but also in generating new business for the chopped pork sector."

Last month's relaunch of PEK was designed to build on the brand's success in Yorkshire and the north east and to give it a bigger market share in the rest of the UK.