Exclusive: Karen Dempsey A new snack and dip product capitalising on the popularity of Pringles tube-type packaging will launch to the trade later this month. Snack-a-Dip comes with white corn tortilla chips and ambient dip in a tube. The three varieties are lightly salted with salsa dip, lightly salted with guacamole dip, and nacho cheese with salsa dip. Retailing at £1.69, its price positioning is lower than the chips plus separate dip option offered by competitors' products. The Snack-a-Dip concept, which has been patented, is the first entry into the European market from US company ASB Group. It has built a factory in Calais to serve European customers and it has partnered SHS Sales & Marketing which will handle Snack-a-Dip exclusively in the UK. John Black, managing director of SHS Sales & Marketing GB, said Snack-a-Dip has "huge potential to develop the market", particularly because it comes in a tube which takes up less space on the fixture. It also has a nine-month shelf life. Black said: "Snack-a-Dip has no trade sector boundaries. It's a multiple product, an impulse sector product, a convenience product, an on trade product, even an airline or rail product". No advertising is planned at this stage until distribution is built up ­ although Snack-a-Dip may consider running promotions such as buy two, get the third free. It also plans a major impulse size launch in June. (rsp £1.09). {{P&P }}