Snack-a-Jacks is revamping its packaging to highlight its wholegrain credentials, kicking off with a new salt & vinegar flavour under its Jumbo portfolio.

The new look, which will be introduced across the entire range later this year, makes the wholegrain claim clearly visible to tap demand for healthy not just diet products. "The inclusion of wholegrain in the product is a strong incentive for consumers to purchase," said marketing manager Jenny Watson. "Although it has always been present in the brand, consumers have not necessarily been aware."

The salt & vinegar Jumbo variant being rolled out now across the trade will benefit from a £1.8m push for the entire brand this year, including TV, print and experiential activity.

Sales were down 12.8% to £34.7m for the year to March due to supply issues caused by moving factory. Sales have since recovered with the latest figures showing 7% growth to £40m [Nielsen 52 w/e 26 April 2008].