Being big fans of Primula cheese spread, we were disappointed to find the cheese toasties packaged in what look like overgrown Burger King tomato ketchup pots. Most of the convenience and also the aesthetic appreciation of squirting cheesy stuff from a tube is lost here. Alas, we had to use a knife to scrape the stuff out. One pot spreads over four slices of bread, so we made two toasties from the Cheese & Onion and Cheese & Pepperoni variants. It's important to treat them like a McDonald's apple pie ­ open the sides and let some of the steam out as the filling is seriously hot! The first taste was definitely cheesy, with a rather over-processed edge to it. The Cheese & Onion had a distinct fake' onion taste and Laura thought the Cheese & Pepperoni was worryingly orange and tasted rather like a pizza. She felt it was over-processed and would have preferred a plainer option. When toasting these spreads under the grill, we naturally spread less on to the bread and this seemed a better option. Plus we added a few tomatoes, which livened up the end result. In summary, these are good for toasting under the grill (thinly spread), not ideal for toasted sandwiches, and probably fine on baked potatoes. However, we weren't keen on the over-processed flavours and believe that plain old cheese would suffice. In fact, we far prefer good old Primula cheese spread for its versatility ­ we've tried it on toast, between two Pringles and even with baked potatoes and it does the job. Perhaps Primula should consider merely extending the positioning of its cheese spread. {{MARKETING - P&P }}