So Good is hoping the fortunes of its soya milk offering will get even better when it launches a new TV ad later this month. Aimed at tapping into a younger market, the new ad follows last year's successful campaign which saw 1960s icon Twiggy extolling the virtues of the dairy-free brand for an older generation. The commercial, which will get an initial £500,000, six-week airing in the Central TV area, shows a young lady sharing a So Good-soaked bowl of cereal in bed with her one night stand. The moment is marred when he turns round to set the empty bowl down and reveals a hairy back. So Good MD Allan Staples said the ad would be rolled out nationwide if it was, as expected, received well. The company has earmarked up to £2.2m to support the whole campaign. "Our key consumers at the moment are 35 to 55-year-old women but we believe we can take the age of that core audience down," he said. "This ad will help us do that." {{MARKETING }}