Cano Water

Cano Water hopes to ‘save’ one billion plastic bottles from landfill by 2030

Cano Water has shifted production of its drinks from Austria to the UK in a bid to cut carbon emissions.

The brand – stocked in Tesco and on Ocado – will now source its water from an undisclosed location in “the English countryside”, a move it said had reduced its carbon footprint by half.

The water would be drawn from more than 240 metres below ground, Cano Water said, adding it would be filtered by “the unique sandstone geology” of the aquifer through which it would pass. This, it said, would “guarantee an exceptionally clean and natural taste”.

After being drawn, the water will be transported to be packaged at a facility in Yorkshire.

“Our move to UK production and sourcing is a significant step towards our goal of saving one billion plastic bottles from landfill by 2030,” said Cano Water co-founder Josh White.

“By partnering with UK suppliers, we’re thrilled to continue our mission of providing consumers with a sustainable alternative to bottled water, while minimising our environmental impact even further,” he added.

Cano Water was founded in 2015 by White and friends Perry Alexander and Ariel Booker.

The brand claims to have sold more than 50 million cans to date, and has attracted investment from Harry Lewis, Simon Minter and Vikram Singh Barn of YouTube group The Sidemen, British rapper Dave, comedian Ricky Gervais, and singer-songwriter Jess Glynne.