British energy drink brand Kick has secured distribution in more than 250 Walmarts in the US.

The brand - a relatively small player in UK supermarkets - has won the listing following a trial in 15 Walmart stores in the Chicago area over the past year, and revealed it was also working with BP forecourts and 7-Eleven stores in America.

Kick was created by Derbyshire-based Global Brands and in the UK, has targeted 16 to 30-year-olds by aligning itself with gaming culture, running on-pack promotions for Batman: Arkham Asylum and a Facebook game linked with smash-hit movie Avengers Assemble.

Kick also aligned itself with gaming in the US through the Ghost Recon game, and is planning a gaming link-up that will span its US and UK operations next year.

“We are a small British brand on the precipice of greatness,” said Global Brands marketing director Simon Green. “We are like the One Direction story in that way.”

In the UK, the brand has just launched its latest game-related activity - an on-pack promotion exclusive to the off-trade and tied to Far Cry 3, which launches on consoles and PC next week.

Kick said its gaming activity had played a big role in securing its only supermarket multiple listing - with Asda - and that sales through independent retailers were also growing.

It has faced competition for the hearts of Britain’s gamers this year, with PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew - long associated with gaming in the US - launching an UK on-pack promotion and a limited-edition Game Fuel tied in with the launch of Halo 4.

Global Brands markets and distributes drinks including VK, Hooch, Hooper’s, Amigos and Corky’s. It distributes in America through Chicago-based Dolce Beverages.