As well as bottling Gunna’s own drinks, the factory will offer white label aluminium bottling to the broader industry

The Sustainable Bottling Co, the company behind soft drinks brand Gunna Drinks, has launched a new aluminium bottling facility near Leicester.

The 8,000 sq ft site is claimed to be the first in the UK and Europe capable of bottling drinks beyond water in aluminium.

The Sustainable Bottling Co said it had been inspired by “the booming aluminium bottle market in the US” and brands such as PepsiCo’s Proud Source Water.

As well as bottling Gunna’s own drinks, the factory would offer white label aluminium bottling to the broader industry. It was capable of packing into Gunna’s 470ml format aluminium bottles, as well as other sizes from 330ml to 750ml.

The new facility would have “seismic positive environmental implications” for a soft drinks industry in which 70% of products are currently packaged in single-use plastic, the company added.

“It’s incredibly exciting to be launching The Sustainable Bottling Co and be able to offer the industry access to significantly more planet-friendly bottling,” said Gunna Drinks founder Melvin Jay. “We believe aluminium bottles are the future.

“We’ve put significant investment in place to bring this vision to life, and we know sustainable packaging is something brands, retailers and shoppers are all actively looking for.

“There are far-reaching needs across the fmcg industry for aluminium bottling and we can’t wait to start fulfilling these and helping to reduce the drinks sector’s reliance on harmful single-use plastic bottles.”

The Sustainable Drinks Co recently completed a £1m investment round to fund the bottling factory project. The funds were raised by Gunna’s current investors.