Isoconiq isotonic sports drink
: March 2013
Manufacturer: Iconiq Drinks

Iconiq Drinks’ latest offering couldn’t boast any more on-trend credentials if it tried. Isoconiq orange flavour ‘sports fuel’ (rsp: 79p) is isotonic, meaning it hydrates and helps muscles recover after exercise, and comes in a 250ml Tetra Prisma Pak that is lighter to carry than the traditional 500ml bottle. The packaging is made from eco-friendly materials and crushes on impact, making it less of a trip hazard at sporting events. Iconiq is promoting the product at marathons through the year.


Lucozade Sport Champions’ Choice
: March 2013
Manufacturer: GlaxoSmithKline

Could new flavours breathe value back into sports drinks - and Lucozade? Probably not on their own. That’s why GSK enlisted Jenson Button to back its new Sport Champions’ Choice in mango & passion fruit and lemon & lime (rsp: £1.30). It’s also pushing the functional benefits for athletes of the glucose, electrolytes and caffeine it contains.


Red Bull Editions
: January 2013
Manufacturer: Red Bull

Three colours three flavours. Red Edition (cranberry), Silver Edition (lime) and Blue Edition (blueberry) are permanent additions to the Red Bull range. The new line-up (rsp: £1.35/250ml can) is being supported by a £3.5m advertising campaign that started in March, and the brand hopes to emulate the success the range has had in Germany, Austria, France and Spain.


Rockstar SuperSours Energy Drink
Launched: January 2013
Manufacturer: AG Barr

The 500ml Green Apple and Bubbleburst additions to Rockstar’s range contain 50% more caffeine than original Rockstar and are fortified with ginseng and B vitamins for an extra boost. According to AG Barr, half of all energy drink consumers eat or drink sour flavours in other categories, suggesting its new sour drinks, which have an rsp of £1.83, could have legs in this sector too.