Swedish drinks company Feelfine has launched a "tried and tested" cure for hangovers in the UK. The passion fruit flavoured pick-me-up, which is being marketed as a "recovery" drink, is rolling out to stores now, rsp: £1.20 for a 100ml can or £1.35 for a mix-it-yourself sachet which will be available through Boots outlets from next month. A spokeswoman said the drink, which is not positioned as an energy drink because it does not contain caffeine, taurine or guarana, was launched in Sweden seven years ago following research which started in the 1970s. She said it contains ingredients which are lost through drinking alcohol such as salts, minerals and vitamins. It is also positioned as a tonic for consumers suffering from stress-related and physical exhaustion by topping up levels of energy-generating nutrients. Distribution is being handled in the UK by Babco. {{P&P }}