Russia has banned imports of produce from the EU and America.

Russian authorities today (7 August) announced a year-long ban on a range of products including meats, vegetables and fish from the EU, US, Canada, Australia and Norway.

The ban is reported to be in retaliation for US and EU sanctions against Russia over its continued backing of separatists in eastern Ukraine.

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Eblex said the UK currently sends no beef or lamb to Russia. A ban on UK beef was lifted in September 2013 but British companies were still examining the logistical issues of supplying Russia, and it is believed most work has halted following the troubles in the Ukraine.

The UK Foreign Office said there were “no grounds for Russia to impose these sanctions”.

“We have been pushing for a strong and determined international response to Russia’s unacceptable behaviour in Ukraine,” it added in a statement. “We have been clear that we are prepared to play our part and that there will be some costs, but this does not diminish our commitment. Instead of retaliating, Russia should be using its influence with the violent Russian-backed separatists to stop destabilising Ukraine.”

The banned products

Beef - fresh, chilled or frozen
Pork - fresh, chilled or frozen
Poultry - and edible poultry offal
Meat that is salted, in brine, dried or smoked
Fish, shellfish and other aquatic invertebrates
Milk and dairy products
Sausages and similar products
Cheese and curd-based vegetable fats