spar hull uni

Spar has opened a new store in the University of Hull.

The 6,000 sq ft supermarket, which was previously supplied by the National Union of Students, opened to students and staff this month.

Serviced by Spar wholesaler James Hall, the store stocks a full range of fresh produce, chilled, ambient, frozen and non-food products including a selection of university clothing and merchandise.

The store features a wide range of food to go, an in-store bakery offering hot filled rolls and pastries across breakfast and lunch, and is currently on the waiting list for a self-serve Costa Express unit.

Since changing to the new fascia, weekly like-for-like sales at the store are up 20%.

“We’re very surprised at the feedback,” said University of Hull commercial services director Andy King.

“The students did have an affiliation with the old shop because it was our own brand but we’ve not had any negative feedback whatsoever. We’ve been really impressed with Spar. I don’t know if they’re always this good but they’ve certainly gone above and beyond for us.”