Source: AF Blakemore

It originally launched the initiative last year for neighbourhood stores that focused on ‘fresh and big baskets’

AF Blakemore has extended its Stock and Sell (SAS) scheme to smaller convenience stores that focus on food to go.

The Spar wholesaler launched the initiative last year for neighbourhood stores that focused on “fresh and big baskets”, with the aim to increase their sales and profitability.

By signing up, retailers can earn up to £15,000 worth of free stock per store at retail value, as well as the latest NPD and free merchandising display units to drive sales.

In order to gain these benefits, retailers must agree to carry out various activities in store, such as implementing a core range of Spar own label, installing permanent supplier stands, signing up to an NPD allocation scheme, and stocking one of AF Blakemore’s nominated bread suppliers.

Speaking at the Spar Retail Show in Telford last week for Blakemore Trade Partners (BTP) – the division that supports its independent arm of retailers – BTP sales director Bev Bailey said the initiative had resulted in an average 44% increase in sales across the stores involved, and it was therefore extending it to “smaller and on-the-go cluster stores”.

It means there are now two core ranges serving different consumer requirements under the scheme, with the push of food to go.

BTP commercial director Louis Drake told The Grocer: “The updated core range reflects different consumer shopping missions within transient stores, opening the door for a greater number of stores to benefit from the scheme.

“We expect SAS membership to grow by over 25% as a direct result of the introduction of the new core range for transient stores, meaning SAS will deliver over £3.5m in additional net profit to Blakemore Trade Partner retailers who participate in SAS this year.

“Adding transient locations to SAS is about delivering a core range which is relevant to the people who shop in these Spar stores. This should not only drive revenue through SAS itself, but also improve sales from having the right products on fixtures.”