Source: MFG

The new sites will be a mixture of EV charging hubs added to existing MFG sites as well as new standalone ones

Motor Fuel Group is pumping over £50m into electric vehicle chargers this year.

The move will see the forecourt operator open 60 new EV hubs across the UK, consisting of more than 350 ultra-rapid 150kW EV chargers – which can add 100 miles of range in approximately 10 minutes.

The new hubs will be a mixture of EV charging hubs added to existing MFG sites as well as new standalone ones.

MFG hopes these will then be upgraded with more powerful 350kW EV chargers, which closely match the time taken for a conventional fossil fuel fill-up, as vehicle battery technology becomes more widely available.

The move comes after MFG announced last year it will invest £400m in an EV infrastructure across its UK network by the end of 2030. It intends for 3,000 150kW and 350kW EV chargers to be installed at 500 sites.

It has so far built 40 hubs as of last year, with 20 currently open to the public and the remainder waiting to be energised in early 2022. This formed part of a £40m investment.

Prior to 2021, it also installed chargers at 108 sites. These are, however, owned by third parties and consist of 50kW chargers.

Over the coming decades, MFG will operate a dual fuel strategy, meaning it will continue to provide existing fossil fuel infrastructure while rolling out ultra-rapid EV charging hubs. 

“We have already invested significantly, and ahead of the curve, on EV charging across our portfolio,” said MFG CEO William Bannister. “We have an ambitious rollout programme for 2022 which is focused on our network throughout the UK. Our EV sites are modern in design and provide a high-quality retail and consumer experience for the community and for motorists to use whilst charging their vehicles.

“We look forward to delivering on our strategic plans throughout 2022.”