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Source: Selfridges

Roasting Plant’s café inside Selfridges Foodhall in London

Selfridges has launched an “immersive roastery” at its London Foodhall in partnership with Roasting Plant.

The coffee shop chain has opened a new café inside the retailer’s Oxford Street location, where visitors can go through a “sensory coffee experience”.

Customers will be able to pick their coffee of choice from different pneumatic tubes that have been set up in a “Willy Wonka factory style” around the café.

There are seven different single-origin beans and four blends that each shopper can choose to create their own personalised drink.

They can take their freshly roasted beans to the baristas, who will prepare their cup of coffee according to the visitor’s preference.

“We’re excited to unveil the new and incredibly innovative Roasting Plant café in the Foodhall,” said Selfridges head of food Andrew Bird.

“Visitors will have an immersive experience from roasting to their custom made cup, be able to try unique and interesting beans that aren’t available anywhere else and have their perfect brew created on the spot.”

Roasting Plant is known for roasting its coffee beans on site. While the beans found at the Selfridges Foodhall are currently roasted daily at a nearby Roasting Plant site, the on-site roasting process will begin at the café from October.

In addition, Roasting Plant is also debuting its AromaFlow technology at Selfridges Oxford Street, which will see customers be able to smell their choice of freshly-roasted beans before selecting their favourite just by touching a button.

The small franchise said it was “thrilled to complement Selfridges Foodhall’s extraordinary offerings with the ultimate just-roasted coffee experience”.